5E-HGT2320 Automatic Mercury Analyzer


The 5E-HGT2320 Automatic Mercury Analyzer is used to determine the mercury in liquid and solid material such as coal, coal fly ash, soil, sludge, sediment, ore, mineral, foodstuff, waste water and fodder.


  • Maximum throughput with auto-loader , available for 56 samples per batch and easy to add or reduce sample quantity during analysis.
  • Optional exhaust gas treatment system is available to ensure fresh lab environment.
  • Intelligent sample position recognition ,complete analysis automatically within 5 minutes per sample.
  • Auto self-diagnosis system to determine if the test results are acceptable according to predefined standard.


  • US/EPA 7473 and ASTM D6722
  • Analysis Range 0.01ng~1000ng
  • Conforms to ASTM D-6722.
  • Atomic Absorption Method
  • Sample Mass 40~200 (mg)
  • Dimensions 500×460×350(mm)
  • 56 samples per batch
  • Analysis Time Around 480 (s)

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